Soft Vibe – Bitey Blue – 95mm


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Product Description

Bitey Blue – 20g – 95mm Soft Vibe –

Like most soft plastics, when using soft vibes they are most effective on the retrieve. This is due to the vibrations that are sent off through the water catching the attention of predators.

Fishermen and women who use the soft vibe has two options, either to straight retrieve or to hop retrieve letting that drop to the floor where commonly schooled fish like to sit.

Because of their fishlike properties these are an incredibly versatile lure which therefore enables you to hit a large range of target species including Flathead, Threadfin Salmon, Coral Trout, Trevally and Queenies just to name a few.

We know that after receiving their Bitey Blue Soft Vibe our customers will love putting them to work wherever their trips take them!


  • 95mm in length
  • 20g in weight
  • Super Sharp Mustad Hooks
  • Highly Visible Vibrant Colours
  • Tough as nails SS Split Rings

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